Aztec Public Library
Library Building of 1938The Aztec Public Library finds its roots in the Altrurian Club founded in 1908 by a woman's group whose goal was to "improve the cultural level of the city" and who voted in 1911 to "establish some kind of Library". Their first venture was to have a "book shower and serve refreshments" which turned out to be a huge success. They next found donated space on Main St. which was the upstairs room of the Pinkstaff building. Mrs. Maddox was the first librarian. After three other temporary moves, the County Commission gave permission for the Altrurian Club to put a small building on the courthouse grounds and in 1938 and with assistance from the W.P.A. built a library next to the courthouse.

Library Building of 1964After twenty-five years this building was out grown and in 1956 the Altrurian Club once again decided to pursue a new library location. They turned to the town board and asked for space in the Aztec City Complex which was in the planning stages at that time. In 1964 they moved in to the new building and this has been its present location for the last thirty-seven years.

Current Library BuildingThe City of Aztec adopted the Altrurian Library to receive public funding in 1981 with Aztec City Ordinance - 35, passed Mar. 17, 1981. The name "Altrurian Public Library" was changed in 1992, to Aztec Public Library, because "There have been considerable difficulties in spelling, pronunciation, and definition of the former..."

Discussion for a new family center began in 1995 and the Aztec Public Library was included in the Northeast San Juan County Family Center Feasibility Study completed in 1997. This study called for three phases of completion, including:
1. Boys & Girls Club
2. Educational Facilities/Library
3. Fitness Center/Pool
Phase I has been completed, Phase II is partially completed, and Phase III is still in the planning stages.